Emma Christine



Hi, I’m Emma.

My passion and essence has always twined firmly around words. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with an elaborate spiel of how I’ve been holding a pen for as long as my memory can backbend, or whatever it is writers typically state in their bio. If you’re reading this it’s because you want to know what I’m about, what I do, or what I can offer you. 

If you haven’t caught on by now, I write. A lot.

Copy, newsletters, webpage content, magazine articles, poems, eBooks, ads, proposals, scripts, blog posts, brochures, style guides, more magazine articles, you get the idea. I wish it wasn’t that broad, or that I could niche it down for everyone who asks, “What kinda stuff do you write?!” But really, I’ve just got an act for stringing words together no matter the style or context — a blessing and a curse all at once.

Over the last half decade or so, I’ve been hopping around the globe writing for a variety of international publications, Fortune 500 companies, tourism boards, marketing firms, and lifestyle brands. My work has taken me everywhere from the remote plains of Mongolia, to The Great Indian Desert via back of a camel, to floating in hot air balloons in Turkey, to the hurricane ridden shores of the Caribbean, and beyond. 

Along every stop along the way, this crippling love affair I have with words served me and enhanced the narratives I told both as a traveler and marketing professional. A selection of those narratives can be found on this very website, along with a portfolio of creative projects I’ve done for various lifestyle brands and ad agencies.

Throughout my bodies of written work, I aim to translate a dynamic worldview with an unforgettable creative approach and tone that leaves readers feeling informed, refreshed, and inspired.

When I’m not typing away at a cafe over my fifth cup of coffee and a deadline, you can find me chasing waves somewhere on the California coast, teaching yoga, or re-reading Krakauer.

Let’s create something!


Very impressed with the creative approach to Emma’s storytelling. She truly is an adamant professional & intuitive writer.

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